• Cost saving – easy to use – secure loads
  • Versatile, unique and easy to use
  • Very easy installation and practically maintenance free
  • Very low turntable height and limited overall dimensions
  • Separate setting of top and bottom wraps
  • Indexed turntable stops in rest position
  • Inverter for soft start and stop of the turntable with rotation speed adjustable from 5 to 12 RPM
  • Photocell for automatic height detection of loads
  • Electronic control panel with 4 programmable wrapping cycles. Single, double, double with cover, and manual
  • Spinny S140 PLUS – Mechanical brake to adjust the film tension
  • Spinny S140 ADVANCED – Electromagnetic brake to adjust the film tension


  • Mechanical brake (mod. PLUS) or electromagnetic brake (mod. ADVANCED) film tensioning
  • Rotating table diameter 1500 mm load 1200 kg
  • Distance between column and rotating table 500 mm
  • Wrapping height up to 2100 mm detected by photocell
  • Separate programming of top and bottom reinforcement wraps
  • Table rotation regulated by variable frequency drive from 5 to 10 rpm
  • Sensor controlled rotation stop
  • Variable speed of film carrier completely customizable
  • Independent top and bottom turns
  • Film carrier fall protection system
  • Electronic control panel with simple wrapping cycle, double wrapping cycle with top sheet, manual wrapping cycle
  • Manual film carrier stop for reinforcement wrapping turns.
  • Tension 230V-50Hz


  • Smart Touch control panel with 4 customizable working programs
  • Rotating table capacity up to 2000 kg and diameter up to 2200 mm
  • Pallet height up to 3100 mm