Anti Rust Structure & Weatherproof Sries – Arc-500X3

Rated Input Voltage AC (V) 415V
Power Frequency (HZ) 50/60
Rated Input Capacity (KVA) 25×3
Output No Load Voltage (V) 75±5
Current Adjusting Range (A) 20-500
Thrust Current Adjusting Range (A) 10-280
Guide Arc Current Adjusting Range (A) 20-200
Rated Duty-Cycle (%) 60
Weight (kg) 155
Overall Dimensions, mm (L/W/H) 870/405/1080


– Electro Holder
– Earth Clamp
– Welding Cable
– Scratch Tig Torch
– Argon Regulator
– Current Remote Controller


– Cable Connector Standard 2 Pcs 35/50


– Adopt the advanced soft switch inverter technology and regard importing an IGBT module and a little brilliant magnetic core as the key fittings.

– Can use as three pieces of independent arc-welding power, is energy-efficient, it is low operating costs.

– The digital display of the output electric current can preset the output electric current accurately.

– The air blower adopts the isolating type structure, in case rainwater is entered.

– The lasting rate of the load is high, guide arc electric current and electric current thrust regulating function.

– Apply to the shipbuilding and port machine industry extensively.

– Voltage fluctuates and compensates the function automatically, the electric arc is stable, the molten bath is even, it is small to splash, and the welding seam is esthetic in shaping.