Mid-Viper MKII Wire Rope Lubricator – (Suitable For Ropes 8mm To 65mm)

  • Specification :

    The original Mid Viper MKII is now acknowledged as the leading WRL in the world, delivering superior performance on a wide range of rope sizes and types.

    • Fast and Efficient Rope Lubrication
    • Eliminates manual lubrication
    • Maximum rope protection
    • High Pressure/High Flow Grease Pump
    • A wide range of sizes

    Applications :

    • Wharf cranes
    • Rov cables
    • Ship loaders
    • Ship cranes
    • Winders for mines
    • Tow ropes
    • Oil and gas platforms


Auxiliary parts Mid-Viper Polyurethane Seals, per pair
Mid-Viper Scraper Plate, per set of 4
Viper Wire Rope Cleaner
Kit Contents Mid-Viper MKII High Strength Collar
Viper High Volume Grease Pump
45:1 High-Speed High Flow Pump with flow regulator
4m High Pressure ½” Hydraulic Hose with quick connect coupling (For Lubricant Delivery)
1m Clear Lubricant Drain Hose (For excess lubricant)
Retaining Ratchet Straps & Shackles
Drum Cover and Follower Plate
Convenient Carrying Strap (For Collar)
Aluminum Storage Case