F2730 Condenser & Fan Coil Cleaner

  • Formula 2730 Condenser & Fan Coil Cleaner is used as part of the regular maintenance program to substantially lengthen condenser’s life and cut down on equipment replacement and downtime.
  • Specially formulated for brightening up most types of materials surfaces such as aluminium and marine alloys.
  • Recommended for use in air-conditioning repair shops, hospitals, apartment blocks, industrial plants, service companies, leisure complexes, government offices and workshop maintaining supply vessel air-conditioning systems.


  • High Penetration — no scrubbing or agitation is necessary as special penetrating agents quickly break up oily grime, dirt and air-borne industrial impurities.
  • Effective — specially formulated to produce high amount of foam for restoring dirty condensers coils to peak efficiency.
  • Easy Application – simple spray on-off hose operation.
  • Economical — concentration can be diluted up to 5 or 10 parts with water.