DAWG® Oil-Only Socks & Pillows


  • Oil-only socks absorb oil from water around leaking machines exposed to rain, waste streams and various other oil/water separation applications.
  • Oil-only socks remove oil from troughs and vats, indoor or outdoor.
  • Use oil-only pillows in waste troughs, fluid reservoirs and sump wells. These pillows float for easy retrieval.


Item# Description Dimension Absorbency Packing
DAWG300 OIL-ONLY SOCKS 7.6CM x 122CM (3” x 4’) 28 GAL/BALE 30/CASE
PIL392 OIL-ONLY PILLOWS 23CM x 23CM (9” x 9”) 19 GAL/BALE 32/CASE
PIL390 OIL-ONLY PILLOWS 46CM x 46CM (18” x 18”) 28 GAL/BALE 16/CASE