automatic tank welder

Specification :

• Master frame (A)
• Cross seam head adjuster
• 2 pieces of Flux Belt Other features of the Automatic Tank Welder include:
• Frame head spreader designed for easy tank top loading and clamp facilities
• Slave frame (B)
• Pre-heat torch & bracket
• Heavy motorized carriage supporting both welding stations
• Safety cages, ladders, and handrails with floors and roofs of non-slip plate
• Operator platform
• Weatherproof curtain
• Telescopic legs for welding adjustments from 300-1200mm
• Flux recovery re-circulating systems
• Weatherproof curtain – 50 meter
• Welding head for vertical welding adjustments of up to 300mm



The Automatic Tank Welder machine is specifically designed for efficient horizontal welding of huge diameter storage tanks, ships’ hulls, etc., ranging from 6m in diameter and above. The recommended plate thickness is from a minimum of 6mm to a maximum of 50mm while
recommended plate height is from a minimum tank diameter – of 6m.