•  Material: Aluminum
  •  Blade Lengths (in): 78.74″
  •  Blade Widths (in): 2″
  •  Thickness (in): .125″ (30.175mm)
  •  Graduation Style: Metric
  •  Graduations: 1mm, 1cm


Straight Edge Aluminum Rule – 2000mm Metric. AMSE-2000 2000mm Straight Edge Aluminum Rule lies flat, resists bending and features large, easy-to-read graduations with machine-graduated scales. either edge.


  •  Ideal for schools and shops, woodworkers, tinsmiths, metal workers, and bench applications
  •  They lie flat, resist bending and feature large, easy-to-read graduations and numbers that are heavier than conventional machine graduated scales
  •  Rules are 2 inches (50mm) wide with centimeter and millimeter graduations reading on either edge
  •  Straight edge rules are .081″ thick